Your Rental Partners in the Northwestern Pennsylvania

It is tough to get a nice home when the rental industry is so fragmented.  What makes it especially tough in Northwest Pa, is the age of so many of homes.  With building booms that opccurred in the late 1920's-1930's and again in the 1950's, the housing stock tends to be on the older side.


Not all Rental Homes are created equal! All tenants have specific needs and wants that need to be filled. In more rural settings, there is a gap between nice rental housing and quality tenants.   That is where the Northwestern Pennsylvania Rental Network comes in to assist in matching GOOD tenants with nice homes.


Anybody can offer you a house, we offer you a home.  Deeply embedded into our local communities, we provide you that "hometown" know-how you won't find anywhere else.  Because we were born, raised and live in these communities, we are experts at answering any questions you may have about the community. 



Whether you're moving out, moving in or just moving on, let us help you find the property that exceeds your demands.

The Founders of Northwestern Pa Rental Home Network

You can get learn a little about our experienced team members right here. We look forward to meeting you in person, so make an appointment or stop by anytime! The first meeting is non-binding and completely free of charge.


Ray Andel



Bio: Having been in the real estate business for over 31 years, Ray has mastered most aspects of the trade.  He is a native to the area, and is very familiar with the area market and its many quirks. He loves helping people find the property that suits them best, and there's nothing more rewarding to him than a satisfied customer.  Having earned three seperate degrees, he values education, the community and community service.  He has served on a variety of community boards including Chairing the Small Business Adminstration's SCORE program for Crawford and Venango Counties and also s leader on both Meadville and Linesville Area Sewer Authorities.   He currently serves on a township planning board and is an officer at a local VFW.


Phone: (724) 456-1347