Why Rent when you can Rent to Own?

Buying a home doesn't have to be a stressful experience.  Our skilled assoicates understand the importance of such an investment, both personally and financially, and will assist you every step of the way.


Not everyone will be able to qualify to get a traditional mortgage with a bank.  There are some cases where a would be buyer finds it advantagious not to get financing from a bank or savings & loan.  In most cases, if the buyer is able to amply protect both the buyer and seller, our network may have the resources available to push the transaction thru.  In all cases, it is the BUYER's Responsibility to make sure and keep up note payments.  If you are a responsible person who has simply made some mistakes, please contact us today.



Is this what your your Landlord is saying behind

your back?  If so, we might be able to help!


 Rent Vs Own Calculator
Should you buy a home or continue renting?
Our Rent vs. Own Calculator will analyze your situation and give you some guidance.
 Rent Information:
 $ Monthly Rent
 $ Monthly Insurance
% Est. Annual Rent Increase
Home Information:
 $ Purchase Price
 $ Yearly Taxes
 $ Yearly Maintenance
 $ Yearly Insurance
% Est. Appreciation
% Selling Costs
Mortgage Loan Information:
 $ Loan Amount
% Interest Rate
 $ Est. Loan Costs
    Loan Term in Years
    Years Before Sell
Financial Information:
% Tax Rate
% Investment Rate*
*The investment rate calculates the difference between your mortgage payments and rental payments and assumes that you are earning that rate on your investments.

Your Results
Buying Analysis
Based on the information provided for a 10 year period:
You will pay a monthly PI (Principal and Interest) payment of:   $429.00
You will gain a tax advantage of:   $11,542.00
You will gain an equity appreciation of:   $49,794.00
Totaling a net value gain of:   $61,336.00
Selling the home in 10 years will incur closing costs of:   ($3,322.00)
Giving you a total net benefit of ownership of:   $58,014.00
Rental Analysis
Based on the information provided for a 10 year period:
If you chose to buy you would have paid home buying expenses of:   $51,576.00
You will pay rental expenses of:  ($102,651.00)
Giving a difference of:   $-51,074.00
Investing the average yearly difference of $-5,107.00 for 10 years at %6 yields:   $1,030
Final Analysis
 Because your Total Benefit of Ownership of $58,014.00 is GREATER than your investment yield of $1,030, it would be in your best interest to BUY this home rather than to RENT it.

The results shown above should be used only for informational purposes. The accuracy of these results is not guaranteed. If you seek additional help or explanation, please refer to your loan officer.