Your Credit Score Does Matter

Many people think that thier credit score shouldn't be a determining factor in determing wheather or not they are selected for a specific appartment.   Your credit score is used by insurance companies, utilities car dealers and banker.  The truth is that you should care and ignoring it isn't going to improve things.


Your credit score is a logrithmic number that indicates your probability to be late in paying any of your bills.  It would stand to reason that all people that would be providing you credit would be interested in knowing if you will default in the future.  


All members of our network will end up pulling your credit report if you apply for housing with us.  Although each member has the final say on the application acceptance, you can be assured that your credit score will be part of this consideration.  Our network does not assign you a credit score.  We merely use that credit score to determine eligibility to extend you credit. 


Some of our members will accept someone with questionable credit if they have either a co-signer or provides an additional refundable security deposit to the landlord.  These cases are handled on a case for bases with our clients but with respect to Fair Housing Laws.


Please set yourself up for success, by making sure your credit score correctly reflects your payment history.  If you are considering a rent to own home, please have a credit score in the 600's or better.  If you have concerns, please send us an email. 


The bottom line, funky credit is not ok.  Don't find yourself underwater.


    Our residents have their rental payments reported on their credit reports